iRex Introducing Improved iLiad E-Reader on Monday

irex iliad ereader image

iLiad's such a tease

In just a few days, iRex will be launching a more advanced version of the iLiad e-reader, called the iRex Reader 1000. I love that they threw "1000" into the name. So geekable. And the device is truly cool for a tech nerd. The new reader will be able to display PDFs, Word documents, and HTML documents. Making it seriously cool and newspaper-like, it can include a stylus and touch-screen so users can make notes and markups.

The reader's charge can last for up to 80 hours before needing more juice. That's a whole lot of reading time. The size is ideal for someone looking to replace a traditional paper — 10.2 inches — however, it will cost a whole lot more than a newspaper subscription.

It is expected to be priced at $650 to start, the cool touch-screen version will be $750, and the way cool WiFi/Bluetooth/3G connected version will be $850. Pretty much out of most people's price range for an e-reader.

For that price, might as well stick with your laptop, even though a nice slim reader would be way more convenient to read on the subway. We'll find out more on Monday and let you know if it is indeed way too cool to pass up.

Via Engadget
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