iRepairDoc Offers Same-Day iPhone Fixes, Will Even Come to Your Door

I dropped my iPhone while hiking a couple weeks ago and cracked the screen. On the one hand, I don't care; it still functions and I can still see everything on the screen well enough. I'm not someone who needs pristine gadgets, plus, I figure it's less likely to be stolen since it looks so janky now. On the other hand, though, I wonder if by not getting it fixed I'm setting myself up for falling into an upgrade when the next version of the iPhone comes out.

It's harder to say no to an upgrade when that upgrade looks so much nicer. Yet, consider the environmental footprint of an entirely new iPhone versus replacing only the screen of a practically new iPhone. According to Apple, the production of an iPhone constitutes 65% of the total carbon emissions of the product (customer use is only 26%). So if replacing the screen will bring back the "oooh shiny!" factor and help me refrain from an upgrade later on, then I'm all for it.

There are a number of repair possibilities -- I could DIY it using an iFixit repair guide, or even more appealing for someone like me who tends to break stuff more when trying to fix it, I could call iRepairDoc and just send in my phone for repair -- they fix it and mail it back to me on the very same day they receive my phone.

Best of all, if they can't fix my phone, the service is free. You loose nothing by trying to fix your Apple gadget. Now that is a business plan that will help get more people to repair rather than replace.

According to a press release sent out by iRepairDoc, the company "is bringing urgent iPhone healthcare right to customers' doors -- and if they can't fix a broken iPhone, their service is completely free." If you live in Denver, Colorado anywhere between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, they'll even come to your door (or favorite coffee shop) to fix your device.

Although iRepairDoc specializes in cracked iPhone screens, the company offers a variety of other repair services, including battery replacement, glass and LCD repair, button repair and replacement, camera repair, water damage repair, and more. All repairs come with a six-month warranty on parts and labor, and the iRepairDoc technicians accept all major credit cards at the time of service via leading credit card processor Mobilized.

There are many other options out there for getting your phone repaired, though this one is pretty attractive. And if you're thinking about replacing rather than repairing, please remember that the bulk of any electronic product's environmental footprint lies in its production. The impact, in large part, has already happened so please don't make it worse.

iRepairDoc Offers Same-Day iPhone Fixes, Will Even Come to Your Door
This repair service will get your phone back to you on the same day they receive it -- and will even make home doctor visits. If they can't fix it, you pay nothing.

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