iPod Packaging Dissolves in Water (Video)

We've had a little beef with Apple recently over its hard-to-repair MacBook Pro with Retina Display, but the company has made strides in other areas that have boosted its green cred. Things like constructing data centers that will be fully powered by renewable energy and patenting movement-powered gadgets. One more thing we can add to that column: this new packaging for the iPod that dissolves in water.

The fully biodegradable packaging is used in the EarPod case for the new fifth-generation iPod Touch and the seventh-generation iPod Nano. Mashable put the packaging to the test in the video above by adding it to warm water. After a few minutes, all that was left was a bunch of pulp.

According to Mashable, "While Apple wouldn’t confirm our findings, they did point us to this page, where we found a reference to “renewable tapioca paper foam material,” which is apparently in iPhone packaging. It does not mention either of the new iPods, but this appears to be the most likely source for that soft, squishy and ultimately disintegrable packaging."

While it's just the EarBud holder that uses this material for now, we'd love to see it used in more parts of the company's packaging. What do you think of this new tapioca packaging?

iPod Packaging Dissolves in Water (Video)
New packaging for the music player is starch-based. Just add water and it disappears.

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