iPhorest iPhone App Plants Real Trees Every Time You Plant a Virtual One

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Image via iPhorest

A new iPhone app launched yesterday called iPhorest, an app that lets you plant trees, both physically and virtually.iPhorest is a $4.99 app that was created in a collaboration between iPhactory, Ecolife and The Conservation Fund. Basically, when you download the app, you dig a hole, plant the seedling, shake your phone to create a rain storm, and your seedling will then start to grow. You keep repeating this until your tree is full sized.

Sounds like a small novelty app so far, but wait, there's more.

To commemorate the development of iPhorest, Ecolife Apparel worked directly with The Conservation Fund at this year's TED 2009 conference, to plant 2,200 trees--one for each attendee... Tree planting services are provided to iPhactory by The Conservation Fund. For each virtual tree planted, The Conservation Fund will plant a native tree in real life - starting with restoration of vulnerable wildlife habitats along the Gulf Coast in the United States. They will work with the nation's leading public natural resource agencies to ensure the long-term protection of each iPhorest.

So the more trees you plant on your phone and take care of, the more actual trees will be planted in real soil. It goes quite a bit further than A Real Tree app, which just plants one tree when a user purchases the app. Though you can never really knock a company that is helping to plant trees. You'll have to check in with The Conservation Fund to ensure the trees are really being planted and maintained. However, it's great when an app has a positive real-world effect.

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