iPhone Docks Built from Vintage Upcycled Cameras

From an iPod dock made from sustainably harvested cherry to a DIY iPod bicycle charger, we've seen plenty of inventive accessories for iPods and iPhones in our time. (The mini-speakers housed in gourds are a personal favorite of mine.) But Design Buzz just featured some cool upcycled iPhone docks housed in used Minolta cameras.

Created by Etsy shop owner Roberto Altieri, I am sure that some photography buffs will balk at the idea of beautiful old cameras being butchered at the alter of the iPhone. But for Altieri these seem to be a labor of love.

Altieri's profile suggests he is using old, broken cameras as the source material—and it's clear that his inspiration comes from a long-time love of real photography:

I've been passionate about photography since I was a teenager and love exploring old film cameras. In fact, my wife and I first met in a photography course back in Italy!

Since I can't stand seeing old broken film cameras go to waste, I created these unique iPhone chargers to give them another chance. Upcycling like this also prevents waste from going to the landfill and decreases the need for virgin materials.

Now I just wonder how long it will be before we see "vintage" iPhones being upcycled into docks for something we can't yet even imagine. OK, I'm getting ahead of myself. Either way, these are pretty freaking cool.

iPhone Docks Built from Vintage Upcycled Cameras
A photography fanatic creates beautiful iPhone docks as a homage to old cameras.

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