An iPhone Dock, Planter and Sound Amplifier In One? Yes Please!

bloombox image© Nicholas Hyde and Brennan Conroy

I have a soft spot for technology that can merge with plants, literally. The softening of cold gadgets with a little leafy goodness is wonderful. It's not so often the two go together so well, what with soil and water being the mortal enemy of computer chips. But sometimes it works out, and this Bloombox idea is a perfect example.

From the Kickstarter campaign: The Bloombox is a iPhone/iPod docking station with space for a planter designed to amplify acoustics. With it's simplistic hollow square frame the Bloombox is the perfect combination of function and design, bringing some greenery into your house, office, or anywhere else you might charge your Apple devices.

I have to say it's rare for me to see a concept and say, "I want it" but... I want one of these. A garden, and an electricity-free way to boost the sound on your iPhone? Um, yes please!!

bloombox image© Nicholas Hyde and Brennan Conroy

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