iPad Stays Safe In Slim, Eco-Friendly Sleeve

ipad sleeve grove image© Grove

After many months of anticipation, millions of gadget lovers are now happily geeking out on their new iPad 3s. After waiting so long (and making such a sizable investment) the last thing we want is to see your new Apple product damaged from knocking around in your briefcase or backpack. There are lots of protective cases and covers available, but most are made from toxic or non-renewable materials (yuck!).

That's why we were excited to see the new Wool Felt iPad sleeve made by the creative minds over at Grove. Based in EarthTechling's home city of Portland, Ore., Grove makes all of its unique products by hand, right here in the good ol' USA. As such, most items made by Grove are extremely high quality in addition to being eco-friendly, and the Wool Felt iPad sleeve is no exception.

Forget the petroleum-based plastic and scary neoprene. The Grove sleeve is made from thick premium wool felt imported from Germany and features a natural, hand-oiled bamboo veneer. Since the best thing about the iPad (and most of Apple's products) is the slim, light feel, this sleeve is a great way to protect your device without adding a lot of extra bulky weight. After sliding your precious iPad into the sleeve, simply click the magnetic flap shut, and you'll be on your way.

"The solid design of our sturdy felt and bamboo veneer allows the sleeve to make a strong statement without any floppin' around," writes Mary Yajko on the Grove blog. "We mold the bamboo veneer to the shape of the iPad and sew both materials together using special techniques that ensure a smooth feel for our customers."

Available for $99 at grovemade.com.

iPad Stays Safe In Slim, Eco-Friendly Sleeve
A new eco-friendlier option for keeping your iPad safe and protected.

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