iPad Fails Beer Garden Test

iPad fails beer garden test

Image: Chip.de

In the interest of minimizing e-waste, it is important that potential customers understand the limitations as well as the advantages of new electronic gadgets. And since the Apple iPad is being welcomed with open arms as the go-anywhere companion for all e-purposes, it naturally struck us as interesting to learn that the iPad failed German electronics consumer review mag Chip's beer garden test. Beer garden test?Like most people who gets their hands on an Apple product, the Chip reviewer initially raves about the the iPad. It lives up to its rep as an indispensable tool for internet surfing, checking emails, watching films, or playing music while underway. Chip loves the range of aps available, with some hesitation that the display of aps designed for iPhones on the larger iPad often underwhelms.

An important aspect of the beer garden test -- battery power -- passed with flying colors. The iPad delivered the ten hours of active use promised by Apple, earning points for holding out longer than the beer garden serves customers.

But this is where the problems begin to raise their head. The display passed all the lab tests with excellent results, and the touch-pad functions superbly. But in the cheerful sunlight of a beer garden patio, the iPad is of little use other than for touching up hair or make-up. The reflections make the display unreadable at best, blinding at worst.

But the true FAIL occurred after only a few minutes of use under direct sunlight. The iPad shut down. An exclamation mark inside a yellow triangle warns the user: "The iPad must cool down, before it can be used." The german reviewer wonders that California-based Apple did not succeed in developing a product that is fun in the sun; Unlike in California, the northern European spring days barely push the thermometer above 20°C (68°F).

But did the reviewer stop to think: "maybe this is the beer garden ap. My iPad just wants a sip of a cool brewskie!" Now, that's breakthrough electronics design!

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