Internet via Light Coming To Your Home


Transmitting information in a beam of light isn't new; Alexander Graham Bell patented the photophone in 1880 and thought it was his greatest invention. Free-space optics (FSO) are used now between office buildings and on university campuses to avoid stringing cables. According to the Economist, it may be coming into our homes. It is fast and secure; "since light does not travel through walls, there would be no need to worry about neighbours snooping on your e-mail, or piggybacking on your broadband connection."

What is really interesting is the tie-in to our continuing discussions about alternative wiring systems and the integration of lighting into the fabric of buildings as we switch to LEDs. No more EMF or separate wiring systems. "The combination of LEDs and FSOcould be used to provide internet coverage throughout a home or office. Could it be lights out for radio networking?" ::Economist

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