Intelligent plug-and-play energy system charges by sun, wind, hydro, or bicycle

For a portable charging system to be able to truly meet all the needs of potential users, it needs to be capable of easily accepting and storing energy from an array of sources, from solar to wind to bicycles to hydropower. It also needs to have a significant battery capacity, have a variety of outlets for different devices, and be rugged enough to stand up to everyday use.

The Fenix ReadySet does all of that, and more. With a 54 watt hour battery, an adapter for charging via the grid, a USB battery charger (for 3.7 volt Lithium camera or phone batteries), two 12-volt car adapter ports and two 5-volt USB ports, and a 3 watt LED light, this little mobile power station is as flexible as it is capable.

"The ReadySet’s open standard inputs allow for charging from a portfolio of sources while staying on a low carbon diet. Engineered for the highest power and efficiency at the lowest possible cost, its sophisticated electronics enable quick 100W-peak charging and protect it from spikes, surges and deep discharge to extend the life of the battery."

The ReadySet can be hooked up to the Fenix 15W solar panel, which will fully charge the internal battery in as little as six hours, or it can be connected either to the grid or to another power source, such as a micro-wind or hydro setup or a powerful bicycle generator.

With a full charge, the ReadySet can handle up to 10 iPhone charges, power an iPad for 12 hours of continuous video-play, and provide LED lighting for hours. The device, designed for use in rural Africa, is ruggedly built and made to last, whether used for an emergency power source, an off-grid adventure, or urban gadget-charging.

For many users, the ReadySet Solar ($275) is the simplest and most practical way to go, as the 15W solar panel is well-matched to the unit. But for those who like to tinker, or have another source of energy, the ReadySet is available by itself ($200), and Fenix wants users to be able to extend the ReadySet system.

Toward that end, Fenix has created their own "Power API" and developer platform, so that others can add on to the ReadySet as an energy platform. With the API, developers have access to the unit specifications in order to create new or modified products that integrate with the system, either on the storage side or on the power side. There is also an Instructables group for the ReadySet system, with 20 projects already uploaded.

Find out more about the ReadySet at Fenix.

Intelligent plug-and-play energy system charges by sun, wind, hydro, or bicycle
The ReadySet system provides clean portable power for mobile devices, lights, radios, and more, and can be charged by a variety of sources.

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