Intel Trying to Get Greener: The Peryn Chip

Intel has announced that it has finished designing it's new chip codenamed "Penryn". Penryn's greater efficiency may attract IT managers who are complaining about electric bills. AMD got the message months back with its somewhat overhyped though on-target "Green Grid" initiative. The chip will initially used in high-end desktop and laptop computers. Server vendors, too, are expected to use the chip when it ships in the coming months.The chip is built with a 45-nanometer process, which is roughly 30% smaller than existing designs. The advantage of the smaller circuitry includes chips that consume less power and therefore generate less heat while performing more calculations in less time. And since chips are made from circular wafers, a decrease in the size of the chip results in a geometric increase in the yield. :: Via: Motley Fool

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