Remote Control "BeetleCam" Catches Incredible Up-Close Lion Photos Feasting on a Kill

We love the BeetleCam. The creation of Will Burrard-Lucas, a wildlife photographer, this hardy remote control camera contraption has found itself among all sorts of deadly critters from leopards to crocodiles and is a perfect example of the way technology brings us closer to wildlife. The images are truly amazing, but some of the most spectacular were captured recently as the BeetleCam was used to get close to a pride of lions just after they made a kill.

Will writes on BeetleCam's Facebook page, "On Saturday, the "Kapamba" pride of lions caught an impala right in front of me! Of course, I immediately deployed BeetleCam to get some close up shots of the action. It was frightening how fast five growing cubs polished off the unfortunate antelope!"

Will is spending the next year in Zambia with his wife, Nat, who is working in a rural Zambian hospital. Focusing on the wildlife in South Luangwa National Park, you can expect Will to capture stellar images that you can view on his website.

And, did you know you could win a trip to go to Zambia in a luxury safari for two? Yep, thanks to Will and a partnership with Safarious and The Bushcamp Company, you can win a trip worth $10,500. Check out how!

But real quick before you go enter to win, check out these other amazing photos captured with the BeetleCam in Zambia. Boy oh boy, do we ever love gadgets that can capture this:

Remote Control "BeetleCam" Catches Incredible Up-Close Lion Photos Feasting on a Kill
Ever been in the middle of a pride of lions as they feast on a freshly caught animal? Well, now you can answer that question with a "Yes".

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