Ilisys: A Carbon Neutral ISP for Australia


Ilisys is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Western Australia, who grind through about 200,000 kWh of electricity each year to keep their 18,000 Australian business customers connected. They also believe they are the first Aussie ISP to become carbon neutral. To achieve this they buy 100% of the juice that runs their data centre and headquarters from Synergy Energy’s Natural Power program. This government accredited GreenPower energy reseller, in turn sources the power from wind and solar projects in WA, charging an extra 3 cents per unit. Even after coughing up for this, Ilisys still figure they pump out another 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year as staff commute to work and jet about the country. So they also contribute to the Carbon Neutral program run by the Men of the Trees conservation group, who figure On average, over 30 years, a tree planted in Australia will absorb 230kg of CO2. And in this case it really doesn’t matter a hoot if carbon offsetting via tree planting, in temperate climes, is of dubious value or not. Because Western Australia has a severe soil salinity problem and needs as many trees as it can get, as soon as it can get them. Good on Ilisys for making an effort. ::Ilisys, via Waste Streams magazine.

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