iGo Debuting Energy Efficient Chargers at CES 2009

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Image via iGo
iGo Technologies provides solutions for charging up gadgets more efficiently by ditching standby power. They’re debuting a few more cool looking products at the upcoming CES. Read on for a glimpse of what tech we’ll get to see in just a couple weeks. Three products iGo is planning on showing off are:

- iGo Laptop Charger: Charge your laptop and other devices from any standard wall outlet, including automatic shut-off and recovery to reduce vampire power.

- iGo Surge Protector: An eight outlet surge protector with shut-off and recovery to reduce vampire power.

- iGo Wall Outlet: A wall outlet with automatic shut-off and recovery.

The company says their chargers automatically use 80% less standby power electricity than other chargers, thanks to their vampire-killing technology. We’ll get up close with these new efficiency tools, along with Energizer's solar battery charger and a lot of other green gadgets at CES soon. We're excited to see if they're all they're cracked up to be!

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