iGO Charger

iGO power.jpg
The iGO charger is offered in several forms, all with the trademark swap-able output "tip". The transformer on all models, although typically sized, is expensive. The value of that expense is that each adapts easily to a great many electronic device batteries. Some models have duel outlets that simultaneously match differing requirements of charging batteries. Barely covered in the product literature is the fact that each output "tip" contains resistors that adapt to the charging battery's individual voltage and amperage requirements. Even better for TreeHuggers: if you unplug your device but leave an iGO in the wall receptical, it goes cold, indicating that no electricity is being consumed.An email to technical service seeking to confirm that no power was being consumed when there was no load across the power tip was not answered (too familiar, sadly). This is important because plugged in but un-used parasitising transformers can consume up to 10% of a wired household's total power bill. Think Climate Change and Peak Oil.

Equally intriguing, the iGO website literature for one of the products hints at the possiblity, but does not come right out and say it, that the transformer automatically could handle a variety of input voltages: critical for the international traveler. Comment away.

From the iGo website: "The beauty of iGo power products is they deliver the exact amount of power to each device through the use of patented tip technology. Now you don't have to worry about selecting the precise amount of power output as you do with other adapters - our tips do it for you! Compatible with most major notebook brands, iGo Juice supplies continuous power to your notebook and will allow productivity and/or entertainment to last as long as your trip. When updating your electronics, simply update your iGo power supply by purchasing a low-cost interchangeable tip to fit your new device.

by: John Laumer