ICEdot Sticker Detects Cycling Accidents, Notifies Emergency Contacts

Technology for cyclists never ceases to amaze, especially when it comes to gadgets for bike helmets. SenseTech LLC and ICEdot are creating a tiny sensor for your helmet that also connects to your cell phone via Bluetooth.

Called the Crash Sensor, it will detect if you've been in a crash and will signal your phone to call the emergency contacts you've listed in your phone with your location using the GPS feature of your phone. Why it doesn't just call 911, I'm not sure. And what happens if you accidentally drop your helmet or knock against something but aren't actually hurt? Well, ICEdot has a countdown before it dials so you can stop it from calling anyone.

The product is expected to launch next year for around $200, though products also require a membership.

It would also work for backpackers, climbers and for anyone who might get hurt during a sport or activity and may not get help from passers-by.

As Gizmodo notes, "If you ride in a big city where the 'mind your own business' mentality prevails, this could be the perfect accessory if no one comes to your rescue after a crash."

ICEdot Sticker Detects Cycling Accidents, Notifies Emergency Contacts
A tiny yellow sticker on your helmet could save your life.

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