HP's Pavilion Has Gone Green - Or Has It?

HP Pavilion Verde Desktop Photo

HP fans have a greener option for computing, as this week the company announced a couple PCs and a display that have supposedly a lower environmental footprint. Yet these "special edition" products could be easily written off as just another in the long line of more efficient computers.

HP has come up with some pretty cool innovations in the past, including zero-packaging laptops. So how do these new products hold up against past innovations and the new wave of greener computers?Fist off, the monitor:
It is Energy Star Rated. That gets it a big "Whoopty doo." That is a bare minimum for any electronic device these days if it wants to get a second glance in the market place.

The HP x2558hc is a sizeable 25.5 inches, has a built-in webcam for that Mac-ish feel, and a 15-in-1 card reader. Those are some pretty neat features. However, while it uses less than 2 watts in sleep mode, it uses a whopping 130 watts going at full blast. For 25.5" display, that's a lot of juice.

So as far as the monitor goes, it's Energy Star rating doesn't carry it as a green product. And with a price tag of $599, I doubt most people will think the "eco-friendliness" carries it for that kind of investment.

Next up, the PCs
The HP Pavilion Verde Special Edition a6645f and HP Pavilion Phoenix Special Edition a6655f desktop PCs are both Energy Star qualified and meet the standards for EPEAT Silver. These are great achievements, but HP will have to do better than that to keep up with the Joneses. There's little excuse for a company as big as HP to not be churning out EPEAT Gold products right and left.

The PCs include AMD energy-efficient processors, and advanced power managaement features that can get you as much as a 45% energy savings. Also cool, but this same kind of savings is also possible by utilizing free software to set up and run your PC on efficient modes.

The PCs also come in 100% recyclable packaging with "less plastic foam." But why isn't the packaging made of recycled materials, as well as recyclable materials?

The Conclusion: HP Could Do Better
So, while HP has definitely made an improvement, these aren't extra special green computers and display. I may be being tough on these, and we should applaud the improvements where we can, but with the influx of truly green computers, these just don't hold much of a stance.

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