HP Unveils User-Serviceable All-in-One Workstation

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I think I'm in love. Finally a computer that is designed not only for performance and looks, but for ease of repair and upgrades by the user. HP is showing off the Z1, their all-in-one workstation design that is wonderfully minimalist but still packs in all the features.

hp workstation image© HP

HP states it's the "world’s first all-in-one workstation with a 27” display that snaps open to let you swap out parts and make upgrades. No tools required."

That's a world's first we can really appreciate.

In the video highlighting the design features of the Z1, notice what's said at 2:33. This is where they highlight the tool-less design. They wanted uses to be able to "pop open the hood" and swap out hard drives, memory, graphics cards, etc without any tools. Specifically, "The Power Supply, Graphics Card, Hard Drives, Optical Drive, System Cooling Blower and Memory can all be accessed, and removed without tools. Tools may be required for all other components."

This also means easy repairs and upgrades at home if you're a DIYer. It makes me very, very happy!

hp workstation image© HP

Other aspects we like so far is that it is Energy Star certified. However, we don't like that it sucks up a fat 400W. It is understandable, considering you're talking about a 27" (gorgeous) display, plus a powerful computer with some hefty processing power. But wow, that's a lot of power consumption for something likely running eight or more hours a day every day. Still, that power consumption will probably come down as energy efficiency in display technology and processor technology improves -- and that tech is constantly improving.

The workstation is priced at $1,900 and will start rolling out in April.

hp workstation image© HP

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