HP Introduces Greener Ink Packaging


Hewlett-Packard announced recently that it has redesigned its ink cartridge packaging. The packaging is now smaller and lighter, and it contains more recycled content. Printer ink is notoriously over-packaged, so this is a good move. These changes, according to HP, will cut down on 15 million pounds of materials over the course of 2007, including 6.8 million pounds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. PVC reduction — always a good move! But let's also make the ink more biodegradable and affordable. I've given up printing at home — it's just too inefficient.Overall, the company estimated that it will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 37 million pounds. Because shipping containers will be able to accommodate many more packages, truck traffic for cartridge shipments is expected to be cut down by 1.5 million miles this year. Company calculations indicated that is the equivalent impact of 3,600 cars operating over the same period.

:: HP Press Release via Channel Insider