Howcast Launches Video Website, Shows You How To Do Anything

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Do-it-yourself and repair culture are two important components of the green movement. Because of this, any how-to site is a precious resource for us. From Instructables to iFixit, we are in love with DIY tutorials, so it is exciting that Howcast has launched a new website chock full of videos on how to do stuff.

In the Tech section, there are videos for laptop fixes, troubleshooting your iPod, saving money on gas and how to make basic repairs on your car, how to make the most of your cell phone, how to understand computer hardware and other awesome tutorials that teach you how to be self-sufficient and smart in the tech world. By learning how to do things yourself and get comfortable with gadgets and machines, you're also learning how to keep devices running better longer. And that's very green.

Mashable writes:
You can also read more about the “experts” featured giving advice in the videos. Vice President of Product Development at Howcast, Tom Bender, told Mashable the new site will be able to better show-off the content.

“We try to find the best possible experts to work with,” he said. A crew shoots 30-40 videos on a given topic — “how to make the best coffee,” for example — and the videos are grouped together. Now, with the new layout, this content will be easier to navigate.

There are lots of other categories on Howcast, from Recreation to Relationships to Money to Food. Take a look, poke around, learn something cool.

Meanwhile, here are a couple fun gadget videos:

Howcast Launches Video Website, Shows You How To Do Anything
Howcast has reached 1 billion views since its start in 2008, and has now launched a website that teaches you how to do all sorts of stuff from fixing gadgets to saving gas.

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