How to Treat Your Computer: MareNostrum


The new TreeHugger Server Farm The Barcelona Supercomputing Centre is housed in the Torre Girona chapel. It may only be the ninth biggest supercomputer in the world, but it is certainly the most beautiful. What a great example of how buildings can adapt to anything, how good design transforms the banal into the beautiful, and what a wonderful place to pray for those who worship technology.

SC-CNS hosts MareNostrum, the most powerful supercomputer in Europe and the number 9 in the world, according to the last Top500 list. In March 2004 the Spanish government and IBM signed an agreement to build one of the the fastest computer in Europe. In November 2006 its capacity has been increased due to the large demand of scientific projects. MareNostrum has increased the calculation capacity of the supercomputer MareNostrum, until reaching 94.21 Teraflops (94.21 trillions of operations per second), doubling its previous capacity (42.35 Teraflops). It had 4.812 processors and has now 10.240 processors with a final calculation capacity of 94.21 Teraflops.


via ::ScifiTech

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