How to Save Money and Get a Cool Interactive Multitouch Display

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Image: GreenerBusiness

Reusing a portable projector, refitting a webcam with post-consumer waste, and using some of our favorite eco-materials like bamboo, GreenerBusiness shows you how to make a multitouch interactive display that will interface with google maps, music and game software on your computer. Multitouch interactive screens, like the display in an iPod, are increasingly popular, but still quite expensive. Following the instructions in this video, you will learn about how the technology works and end up with your own large format multitouch display. Even if you are not motivated to make a do-it-yourself multitouch display table, you will enjoy the mellow and humorous narrative of the film-noir style video, linked below.
Video: YouTube

At GreenerBusiness, the concept is described:

The image processing software analyzes inferred light from the web camera and treats any light detected as a separate input source. Then this software sends the data to any other applications that have the ability to use the input (like a google maps plug-in). The multitouch table simply acts as a device that sends out IR light beams, so when a fingertip incepts them it appears as if the fingertips are producing Inferred light.

Enjoy the video. And let us know how your do-it-yourself multitouch table turns out if you give it a go. Thanks for the tip, Ravi.

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