How To Choose The Exactly-Perfect-For-Me Gadget

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You know what I love? I love having the best device for me to buy put right smack dab in front of me with no effort on my part. Even more than that, I love knowing that the source telling me that this is the best device for me is a source I can trust because they have no ulterior motive for promoting that device. And what I love most of all is knowing that I'll only have to buy that device once because I won't be playing roulette with a device that truly suits my needs and it won't break on me (at least not any time soon).

For all of these reasons, I've fallen in love with a website called The Wirecutter, founded by Brian Lam who was an editor at Gizmodo for 5 years until leaving it all behind in order to write about only that technology which he feels confident is the very best for consumers. Enough of the writing about things because advertisers wanted him to, or because that's the "big news" that day on the web. Instead, Lam and team devote their time to pouring over information, reviews and tests of the various options in many categories, and narrowing it down to the one they'd buy themselves or recommend to their own grandmother. In other words, you can trust the information.

Lam writes, "The Wirecutter is not another tech blog.The Wirecutter is mostly a list of amazing gadgets. Consider it a Billboard for electronics; a Casey Kasem Top 40 if Casey Kasem were a geek; a wink and a nod to those engineers who have built something wonderful. The point is to make it easier for you to buy some great gear quickly and get on with your life. The choices I’ve made here took days of research and years of experience, interviews, data from the best editorial and user sources around. Most gadgets I choose here aren’t the top of the line models that are loaded up with junk features or overpriced; most of the ones we’ve picked are of the "good enough" or "great enough" variety, because this is generally where our needs and the right prices smash into each other."

You'll notice that the titles to the recommendations are definite: "The Best $100 Earbuds" or "The Home Headphones I'd Get" or "The Best TV (For Now)" -- it's all decisions that have been made on not just an analytical level but also on a personal level. What would Lam, a one-time editor at one of the largest gadget websites on the Internet buy for himself after careful consideration? He tells you on the Wirecutter. And there is only a post when there's a recommendation to be made. No noise. No fluff. Just the best advice on the best thing to buy.

We've always recommended doing your homework so that you buy an electronic that will last -- after all, the greenest thing a gadget owner can do is to keep their gadgets, so getting a quality item you're really happy with is the first and most important step. I love The Wirecutter because it helps me do exactly that.

So, my researched reading recommendation to you today is: "The Best Gadget Recommendation Site: The Wirecutter."

How To Choose The Exactly-Perfect-For-Me Gadget
The Wirecutter does all the leg work for you, taking into account all the important factors for choosing a gadget so you only have to buy it once.

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