How to build your own solar-powered plane

solar plane photo
© jeffmazter406 via Instructables

The Instructables Green Design Contest keeps churning up amazing projects, including this one by jeffmazter406 that takes you step-by-step through building your own solar-powered plane, like a smaller unmanned version of the Solar Impulse plane. The instructable includes not only step-by-step instructions and photos, but also links you to two Power Point presentations by Texas A&M University to help walk you through.

solar plane photo© jeffmazter406

This particular project was done by Newman Smith High School students and faculty in Carrollton, Texas and was sponsored by the Texas A&M University Society of Flight Test Engineers, and the team notes that "The project is not for the beginner as it gets a bit complicated." But don't let that scare you off. If you really want to try this, dig down deep to your inner Maker and you'll be able to do this!

solar plane photo© jeffmazter406

The comments for the project are filled with extra details, ideas, and suggestions for you to read through and consider if you start your own version of this project. It's wonderful to see such a dedicated community at Instructables, and DIYers who really want to help each other make the most out of each project. It is especially valuable on the more difficult and complicated projects like this solar-powered plane.

There is still time to submit your own projects in the Instructables Green Design Contest! Take part in the contest:

Think “green” and submit an eco-friendly Instructable that uses sustainable materials or is energy efficient by design... Come up with any project with these factors in mind, and you could win over $1,000 in prizes including a Voltaic Systems OffGrid Solar Backpack, ReadySet Renewable Energy Kit with Solar Panel and LED light, Nokero Solar Light Bulbs and a $500 REI gift certificate.

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