Hoojum Cubit Computers

Those of us yet to convert to Mac are finally getting our reward. The Cubit5 is sexy, fully-featured, and eco-friendly – what more could we ask? It’s available from December (just in time to put it on your Christmas list!), but Hoojum’s been making computers to salivate over for a while. The Cubit3 is available now and, like its new little brother, it’s designed......to be shown off, not hidden away under the desk. Connect it to your living room TV and it’ll play DVDs – it can even learn to take orders from your existing remotes.

The UK company finishes each unit in aluminum and colors them by hand. The PCs are also designed to be easily upgradeable, lengthening the life of the product to reduce waste. And Quickslot bays mean you can stick upgrade cards onto trays outside the computer and slide them in, so you don’t have to tear the whole thing apart just to connect it to your wireless network. You’ll need to buy components (including a motherboard and hard drive) separately and build it yourself, but the design makes it easy and the Hoojum website has instructions (NEC sells a green full system).

We don’t know why you’d want to get rid of this baby, but Hoojum will recycle it if you do (check out our post on computer waste). They also plant trees locally to offset manufacturing processes, package with enviro-friendly materials, and use renewable energy to build the thing. Thanks to Richard for the tip! Cubit3 case: £99-129 ($185-245) ::Hoojum Design [by KK


The CubitP4, good enough to eat.


Graphite Black finish on a Cubit3.


Cubit5 from behind.


If you've got it, there's a slot for it on the front of the Cubit5 case.