Homemade Raspberry Pi smartphone uses off-the-shelf parts

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A Raspberry Pi enthusiast has created a homemade smartphone using the microcomputer using all off-the-shelf parts. This project definitely earns a spot among the most awesome Raspberry Pi projects we've seen.

The PiPhone, as maker David Hunt calls it, features a touchscreen interface, a Sim900 GSM/GPRS module to make phone calls and send texts and data and a LiPoly battery for power. The phone cost $158 to make using parts mainly from Adafruit and eBay, listed below.

Raspberry Pi Model B – $40
PiTFT Touchscreen 320×240 – $35
2500mAh LiPo battery – $15
SIM900 GSM/GPRS module – $48
DC-DC boost converter 3.3V – 5V 1A – $10
Cables, connectors, switch, etc. - $10

Check out Hunt's demo of the phone in action.

Hunt wrote a descriptive blog post on the project with more details that you can check out here.

Hunt has made the code is available on GitHub, where he includes all the instructions and links on what to do for those who want to try it. He says, "I don’t expect everyone to be rushing out to build this one, but I had great fun in doing it."

Homemade Raspberry Pi smartphone uses off-the-shelf parts
The PiPhone as its maker calls it only required $158 in parts.

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