Home Energy Monitors Reviewed: Which Device Works for You? (Video)

energy saving day reviews energy monitors photo

Image credit: Energy Saving Day

Feedback is a vitally important part of sustainability. Because we've been so divorced from the impact of our actions, we've allowed ourselves to develop unsustainable habits. That's why TreeHugger gets so excited about energy monitors like the Home Joule, Kill-a-Watt and Wattson - devices that don't just tell you how much energy you are using in real time, but usually how much it's costing you too. But which device should you go for? Consumer Reports has tested a couple of energy monitors, but now the people at UK's Energy Saving Day (not to be confused with Energy Wasting Day) have teamed up with the BBC's former head of comedy to offer a comprehensive video review of energy monitors on the market.
Jon Plowman, the former head of BBC Comedy, explains how each real-time energy saving display works, and talks us through the pros and cons. According to the campaign website, households that know how much energy they are using can save as much as 10-20% on their bills - so these devices are undoubtedly useful. And it's great to see the devices in action - understanding exactly how each display differs, both aesthetically and functionally.

I can't help but feel some energy could have been saved with a little editing - I'm not sure anyone posts two-part videos on YouTube anymore at 6 minutes each. But maybe I'm suffering from my generation's lack of attention span. Either way, anything that helps folks get a grasp on their energy use and to start reigning it in can only be a good thing.

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