Home Automation Hacks Using Siri and Raspberry Pi

Here is a great project that uses Siri and Raspberry Pi to create cool home automation controls.

Lifehacker writes:

Elvis Impersonator's tricks all revolve around SiriProxy, a tool we've talked about once or twice before—but he's got loads of plugins for it, including those that:
Open the garage door
Enable or disable the security alarm
Adjust the thermostat
View the security cameras around his house
Turn off, turn on, or dim the lights
Change the channel on the TV, or turn it off
All the plugins you need to recreate this yourself can be found at Elvis Impersonator's GitHub page. You can start with these and then move on to designing your own for different functions that help reduce energy use in your home.

This is just one more awesome trick to add on to the list of neat things to do with Raspberry Pi microcomputers.

Home Automation Hacks Using Siri and Raspberry Pi
Control lights, the television, the thermostat, even security alarms and cameras using these cheap tricks.

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