A carol for the maker movement

Adafruit "My favorite tools" song
Video screen capture "My favorite tools" from Becky Sterns of Adafruit

The maker movement is a pretty awesome antidote to disposable culture and planned obsolescence, with its can-fix attitude and plenty of examples of creative re-use. That’s why we’re happy to sing along to this fun re-make of “My Favorite Things” from Becky Sterns, Director of Wearable Electronics at Adafruit. She is also the creator of the Compubody, a kind of giant sweater that provides privacy for yourself and your laptop.

How can you not feel some maker spirit after singing verses like this?

“When there’s blue smoke
When the thread jams
When the power’s out
I simply remember my favorite tools
Cause that’s what this song’s about”

Plus, the music video gives us a peek inside the very cool Adafruit factory.

Adafruit is a purveyor of DIY electronic essentials, in addition to publishing all kinds of project tutorials. For example, they’ve shown us how to make a LED helmet that can help you navigate to the nearest Citi Bike station, a power monitor that will tweet your energy usage, and various solar-powered charging devices.

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