Hit or Miss: Is the rechargeable LED bottle light the new romantic centrepiece?

bottle light
© SuckUK

It used to be that many a romantic dinner was lit by a candle stuck old Chianti bottle in a straw basket. It was such a cliché that it's on the cover of the Disney movie.

lady and the trampDisney/Screen capture

Now, for all of fifteen bucks, Jubbing points to an LED version, a rechargeable LED light mounted in a cork, available from SuckUK.

Shaped like a cork with a super bright LED that recharges via USB. Make interesting lights with vintage drinks bottles or create a cosy, improvised table feature. Can also be used outdoors - where the wind will blow out a candle stuck into an old wine bottle.

Frankly, the color looks a bit cool and not at all romantic. Is this just a stupid LED trick or is this the new Chianti bottle?

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