Help Kickstart the First Compact Contactless Bicycle Dynamo

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Bicycle commuters have a need for good lighting before dawn and after dusk, but the majority of bike lights have one major drawback - they need batteries, which take precious resources to both manufacture and recharge. But a revolutionary new bike product aspires to take batteries out of the equation, by powering its light with eddy currents from the bicycle's own rims.

The Magnic Light system contains a magnet driven dynamo, and works with all standard bike wheels (except full carbon ones) and all bicycle types. The Magnic system is enclosed in a single box with no cables and no openings, which makes it completely waterproof. The system operates with an air gap of more than 5mm between it and the wheel, so snow and dirt cause no problems for the unit's operation (which tends to plague other side-dynamo designs).

"Magnic Light is the first contactless dynamo driven bike light system with no additional components in the wheels. Energy is drawn contactless from the rotating bicycle wheels by making use of eddy currents effected by strong magnets. This new technique is the basis of our completely encapsulated bike light with no batteries and no external cables but with an enormous efficiency factor." - Magnic Light

The Magnic Light is easy to install, as it consists of one single block which gets attached either at the brakes or the fork, with no additional add-ons needed to mount it. According to the inventor, the system does take some energy from the wheel while operating, slowing it down a small bit, but not to the extent that similar side dynamo units do (such as ones which are physically driven by the wheel).

If you're a proponent of better bike lights and renewable energy, then consider helping to fund the launch of the Magnic Light on Kickstarter. The campaign ends in 5 days, but that's plenty of time to kick in a couple of bucks toward something which will not only make cycling safer, but will also reduce our dependence on both disposable batteries and the energy needed to recharge battery packs for lighting units.

Help Kickstart the First Compact Contactless Bicycle Dynamo
A revolution in bike lights is happening, and you can help get it started with just a few dollars!

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