Haunting photos show human impact of digital waste

Photographer Michael Ciaglo has shared haunting photos from Agbogbloshie, a "digital dump" on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana, where electronic waste is "processed". What you're seeing above is an example of how wires from computers, televisions, cell phones and other electronic devices are processed, which is far too clean a term for the horrifically dirty process of melting away rubber coating of electrical wires and parts to get at the metals within so they can be sold. E-waste processing creates highly toxic fumes that not only poison local people and the nearby environment, but also creates greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming affecting humans everywhere.

You can see the rest of Ciaglo's photos here. And check out our e-waste page for more on this problem, as well as ways to help.

Tags: Africa | Air Pollution | Electronics | E-Waste | Waste | Waste Not Want Not


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