Handmade Clay Speakers Belt Out The "Sound of the Earth"


Designboom recently ran a competition called The Intelligent Hand, looking at craftsmanship. They note that "craftsmanship is an all but defunct art form and can be found in any field of endeavor imaginable. Craftsmanship produces superior quality products, with attention to detail that reflect the careful artisan precision." These clay speakers, by Chilean designer Pablo Ocqueteau were short-listed. They are called "Mapuguaquén", or Sound of the Earth. They remind me of Joey Roth's wonderful ceramic speakers, with a handmade touch.


Designboom writes:

The identity of Chilean design is far from big-name brands and their large industrial factories.
It is a country whose traditions and cultural identity are still prominent through the craft-worker's hands,whose techniques were taught from masters. 'Mapuguaquén' (mapudungun for 'sound of the earth') are speakers which are made from clay and have been formed on a potter's wheel. It was developed as a proposal to rescue this manufacturing tradition, respecting local identity, but still keeping in mind current contemporary needs.

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