Hand-Held Printer Only Needs You to Wave It Over The Paper (Video)

printbrush handheld printer image

Image via YouTube video

Printers can be big, clunky machines that spit out more pages than you intended to print. So what if you had a tiny hand-held printer that only put down ink where you waved your hand? For a society going increasingly paperless, a little printer that can handle the rare print job like concert tickets or boarding passes, or a quick document in a notebook sounds ideal. The PrintBrush claims to be just such a solution.

Due out in 2010 for $199, the PrintBrush will cover a full size sheet of paper at 600 dpi in black and white. It uses Bluetooth connectivity and built-in accurate optical sensor that can also detect tilt, rotation and translation.to print, and just needs a flat surface - paper will do, but it will also print on fabric or inside notebooks. It uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, though we wonder how long it can go before needing to be recharged.

If it can print only what you need where you need it, it seems like a handy alternative to much larger printers. However, how often you have to change out the ink, and if the cartridges are refillable, since disposable cartridges would really pile up.

Via Ubergizmo
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