Hand-Carved Wood Case Gives iPod Mini Heirloom Appeal

wood ipod case photo

Photos by Josh Darrah<;a>

We have a thing for wooden gadgets around here, or at least sustainable wood-covered gadgets. They're prettier than plastic, and have that DIY appeal. Here's another perfect example of exactly what appeals to us - an iPod mini dressed up in the warmth of wood.

wood ipod case interior photo

Australian designer Josh Darrah created this case out of Australian cedar by hand, purposefully using no glue whatsoever. From start to finish, it took him four weekends and $16. Not too shabby, and the effect is beautiful. Talk about turning a fairly standard gadget and turning it into an item with heirloom appeal.

He's considering creating DIY kits for purchase, but we think it's preferable for people to figure out how to craft a wood case themselves out of wood found in your very own back yard.

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