Smart bike navigation tool gives directions, tracks your time, and maps and shares routes

Hammerhead bike navigation
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For bike commuters, social cyclists, and serious riders alike, the new bike navigation tool called the Hammerhead will enable a whole new level of route mapping, sharing, and competing, without having to pull out your smartphone at every turn.

When you're pedaling through streets, trying to maintain your pace while obeying traffic signals and avoiding cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists, the last thing you want to do is take your eyes off of the road to get directions. And thanks to the development of the Hammerhead, you can get the info you need at a glance, right in front of you, without having to read any text or focus on a small screen.

"Hammerhead is a brilliantly smart and elegant tool to guide you while biking. Get the information that you need through the corner of your eye, and keep your eyes safely on the road. It simply works. Discover the world around you on the bike. Create great routes and share them with the community. Compete in real time. Enjoy the ride."

The Hammerhead, which is mounted on the handlebar, uses a series of RGB LED light arrays that are bright enough to be visible in any weather or lighting conditions to show the rider their choice of a variety of different signals. The device can show riders the distance to the next turn or to the destination, where the turns are, and the relative speed attained on any segment of the ride, and it even includes a compass for accurate off-road navigation.

The Hammerhead pairs up with an app on the rider's smartphone, which allows them to get turn-by-turn directions from routes shared by other riders, or to compete against their own time on a route they ride regularly. The app also lets users share their favorite routes with others, and can get routes from such popular mapping apps as Strava or MapMyRide.

Hammerhead uses the GPS function on the rider's smartphone to accurately navigate, and because it pre-loads all of the route info before the ride, it's not dependent on having cell service along the route. It also works without keeping the screen of the phone on, so your phone battery lasts longer. The device itself has an internal lithium-polymer battery that can last as long as 20 hours before recharging (via a USB port).

Right now, the Hammerhead is in a crowdfunding phase over at Dragon, where backers can pick up their own device for a pledge of $75.

Smart bike navigation tool gives directions, tracks your time, and maps and shares routes
Get turn by turn directions, map your rides, and share your favorite bike routes with the Hammerhead navigation device.

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