Grow Magic Mushrooms On Your Desk With This Solar-Powered Lamp

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Traditional office settings are stark and often claustrophobic. It's not natural to stay cooped up in a cubicle all day, under blinding fluorescent lights that seem to void the passage of time. To add some humanity back to the office setting, many people set up pictures of their family or a potted plant. But if your desk is already cluttered with stacks of paper, books, a phone, and a desk lamp, there might not be room for these mental health-boosting treasures.

Desk lamps are typically a dime a dozen, with most sporting inefficient incandescent light bulbs that cast shadows and increase the heat in your already stuffy cubicle. Solar lamps can be a clever replacement, but many require direct sunlight to gather a full charge and when they die, you're out of luck. And none can multitask like the Kinoko mushroom USB lamp, which is amusing, energy efficient, and versatile, all at once.

Powered by mini solar panels on its base, this lamp features three large, artificial mushrooms that are actually LEDs. The shrooms appear to be sprouting out of the pot's neatly clipped grass, and change colors throughout the day. And, as this review points out, there are also stemmed lilypad-shaped leaves and a cute, yellow/orange daisy-like flower that come with the lamp, so you can let your inner flower arranger loose by rearranging them every day.

On a full charge, the mushrooms will stay lit for about eight hours, although the company's specifications don't indicate exactly how long it takes to charge the lamp completely. The good news is that if there's no natural sunlight in your office, or if you want to use the lamp as a child's nightlight, it can also be charged via a USB cord. Watch a demonstration of the lamps hypnotic color changes here.

Available at the Japan Trend Shop for $46.

Grow Magic Mushrooms On Your Desk With This Solar-Powered Lamp
A glowing pot of mushrooms adds a reminder of nature to your desklight.

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