Greenwash Watch: Nokia's Remade Phone

The Wall Street Journal tells us that "Nokia Corp., the world's largest mobile-phone maker by sales, unveiled a new handset made of no new parts. Called "Remade," the handset uses 100% recycled pieces, the latest in the company's push to go green, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, chief executive of Nokia, said yesterday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona."

That would be nice, but from what we can tell, they really released a non-functioning model and a video "showing a new concept from our design team exploring how recycled materials could be used to make mobiles in the future." In other words, vaporware.


Nokia says "The idea behind the "remade" concept was to see if it was possible to create a device made from nothing new. It has been designed using recycled materials that avoid the need for natural resources, reduce landfill, and allow for more energy efficient production.

It is made out of metals from upcycled aluminum cans, plastics from drink bottles form the chassis, and its rubber key mats are provided by old car tyres. Inside the phone are new more environmentally friendly technologies such as printed electronics, and the graphics used on the display save energy without compromising on style.

Remade is a concept that explores potential new ideas for the future, and is part of Nokia's ongoing work looking at how it can help people make more sustainable choices. It is designed to help inspire and stimulate discussion on how mobile devices might be made in the future." ::Nokia


Even Gizmodo goes gaga and says "Although it's a very appealing design, the Remade is just a non-functioning concept. There is, however, nothing to stop its ideas being used by the world's handset manufacturers."

Nokia has been doing some great things in energy efficiency, materials used in products, take back, recycling, and packaging. But talking about using recycled aluminum and and pop bottles is so three years ago, and not particularly hard to implement. Companies are selling working stuff with that now.

I think I will carve an iPhone out of a bar of Lush soap and call a press conference.

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