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Itching to know the latest on what Greenpeace thinks about consumer electronics manufacturers? Their newest scorecard is out, and it looks like quite a few manufacturers have changed location on the ranking meter, some moving a bit closer to the green.

However, overall, Greenpeace is still pretty disappointed that a lot of manufacturers continue to talk big but don’t show up to the party.

Read on for why certain companies rank where they do. From Greenpeace:

Of the 18 market-leading companies included in the Guide, only Sharp, Fujitsu Siemens and Philips show full support for the necessary cuts of 30 percent for industrial nations by 2020. Only HPand Philips have made commitments to make substantial cuts in their own emissions.

All the other companies in the Guide make vague or essentially meaningless statements about global emissions reductions and have no plans to make absolute emissions cuts themselves.

With the need for deep emission cuts becoming ever more urgent it's vital big companies support a global deal and take effective measures now to reduce their overall emissions.

Greenpeace puts a big focus on a low carbon future, and looks at everything an electronics manufacturer needs to create a gadget and the gadget itself– transport networks, energy efficiency of product, manufacturing facility efficiency and footprint, and so on.

With these areas in mind, they’ve ranked Nokia at the top (again), with Toshiba, Sharp and Motorola climbing the ranks. However, Dell, HP, Apple and Acer dropped down.

Additional details on the ranking system and exactly how each company did are available in the organization's 37-page easy-to-read report - very much worth a look through to see where various companies' values lay.

This scorecard is a great thing to keep in mind, along with Climate Counts’ scorecard, when heading out to replace your computer, phone or other gadget.

Via Greenpeace
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