Greenpeace Says PCs May Have to Follow Apple's Footsteps

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In an odd twist, Greenpeace is giving the thumbs up to Apple for their ever-greener products, and thinks that PCs would be wise to follow suit.

Now, Apple usually doesn't do much to make Greenpeace smile. In fact, the two have often thrown punches at one another, which has been well covered on TreeHugger. So for Greenpeace to give praise, they must really mean it. And it gives a bit of extra clout to Apple's green claims.

But what is all this about PCs lagging behind?

"While Apple and other top electronic companies still face many challenges on the road to truly green electronics, it can only be a good thing to see a top CEO and high profile a public figure as Steve Jobs devoting significant time to environmental concerns at Apple," the environmental group said in a statement today.

This was in response to Apple's environmental report update. In it, the removal of toxic materials from products by the end of 2008 is listed as a goal that Apple is on track to achieve.

While the report looks at recycling, lowering emissions and a whole lot of other key elements to green products, eliminating toxic materials is what Greenpeace has honed in on:

"This will be a first for a computer maker and lays down the challenge to competitors such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Toshiba," the group said. "If Apple has solved the challenges involved, there's no excuse for any of these companies not to follow Apple's lead on toxic chemicals elimination now and not wait until the end of 2009."

All the companies mentioned have pledged the same thing at the end of 2009. And while I agree that the sooner the better, the fact that they're on track, and there is pressure for them to stay on track, is pretty great. It takes some time to make these changes.

But if they don't follow suit by December 31, 2009, well, beware the wrath of Greenpeace.

Via ComputerWorld
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