Greenpeace Gives Wipro Top Spot on Greener Electronics List

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Greenpeace's 18th Greener Electronics Guide has been released and the good news is that many major companies have improved their scores by committing to reduce their carbon emissions, use more renewable energy and use less toxic materials. The guide also takes into account other criteria including the carbon footprint produced by a company's supply chain, product recycling and refurbishment policies.

The surprise of the list this year was that the top spot was taken by a new addition, Indian tech company Wipro. The company earned an overall score of 7.1 out of 10 mainly due to their strong commitments to renewable energy and carbon reductions. Wipro has pledged to reduce its emissions by 44 percent by 2015 compared to 2008 levels, which is a far more aggressive policy than the other companies on the list.

The company also got high scores for product energy efficiency and voluntary take-back policies, but had some points taken away for chemical management and advocacy and for paper fiber sourcing.

HP fell to the number 2 spot after being number 1 on previous list, but it still carried high scores for sustainable operations, including supply chain management and for paper sourcing policies.

Acer jumped from number 13 to number 4 by making strong emissions reductions commitments. It plans on cutting emissions by 30 percent by 2015 compared to 2009 levels and plans to cut emissions 60 percent overall between 2009 and 2020 and it's asking for big cuts by its supply chain too.

Some other improvements included HP, Apple and Dell, all improving their performance in identifying and reducing conflict minerals within their supply chain.

Greenpeace says that the major issues that still need improvement across the board are more aggressive take-back policies to battle the growing e-waste problem around the world and the expansion of clean energy use into manufacturing and supply chains.

You can read the full report (PDF) here.

Greenpeace Gives Wipro Top Spot on Greener Electronics List
The Indian tech company's commitment to renewable energy earned it the number one spot.

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