Greenpeace Calls For A Greener Apple


Some people get upset when Apple is criticized for their environmental practices. Perhaps it's because Apple is well-liked and their products are well-designed. But this is more reason for Apple be a leader in terms of recycling and incorporating non-toxic components into their machines. They've introduced some good environmental programs but they are not cutting-edge by any means. And that's the problem — Apple should be a leader in these important areas. Then they would be immune to parody sites like this one from Greenpeace. Surely it is not beyond the company to introduce a first-class recycling program, and be responsible for the lifecycle of their products. Can somebody at Apple pick up a copy of Cradle to Cradle?
Some have taken umbrage with the methodology of Greenpeace's rating system. But it is complicated subject, and hardly anyone else has taken a stab at it (only the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition comes to mind).

See Apple Lags Behind in Recycling and Toxicity for more specifics.

:: Greenpeace Apple Site

Photo via EcoGeek