Give Some Green Buds for the Holidays

If you're looking for a gadget with some green to it to give as a gift this year, or just want to upgrade your audio experience to something a bit more sustainable than what you've got, consider these distinctive earphones from Woodbuds.

Made from FSC-certified "sustainable plantation" hardwood, wired with bioplastic cables, and packaged and delivered in 100% recyclable material, these little earbuds from a small company in Yorkshire may be one more step to little greener lifestyle.

The noise-isolating in-ear Woodbuds come with three different size buds, connect with a gold-plated 3.5mm plug (standard for headphones) and offer "audiophile-friendly" quality for listening to all of your favorite music with a bit less enviro-guilt.

The company plants a tree for every hundred pairs sold, and offers Woodbuds in five bold colors for just £20.

Give Some Green Buds for the Holidays
Green up your audio with these eco-friendly earbuds from Woodbuds.

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