Green Geek Opportunity: Intel, ASUS Open Community for User-Created Dream PCs

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Ever wish you could to tell a computer company exactly what a "dream computer" is supposed to be like? Well here is your opportunity, thanks to Intel and ASUS - both of whom have had greener computers on the brain for awhile now.

The duo is launching a project that will allow consumers to offer input, discuss with each other, and design the computer of tomorrow. Sounds like an excellent opportunity for eco-minded computer nerds to sound off. is the website where you can go to collaborate with other consumers, and Intel and ASUS to design rockin' new products. Visitors can vote on submitted concepts and hone in on the best elements of a PC.

"Intel believes the spark for innovation can come from anywhere," said Mike Hoefflinger, general manager of Intel's Partner Marketing Group. "That's why Intel is working with ASUS to tap into the creative energy of consumers as they share ideas on designing their ideal PC. Intel is committed to encouraging conversations with consumers and giving people a voice in the design of technology they use every day."

While it feels a little bit like having the customers do all the design work, and getting market research done at the same time, it's still a great opportunity to argue for the benefits of creating the greenest computer possible. Let ASUS in on how to build upon their EPEAT Gold products.

The community will be divided into three conversation groups, addressing three of the most popular consumer PC categories: netbooks, notebooks and gaming notebooks. Intel and ASUS hope to bring to market a consumer-inspired product that simplifies and enhances computing needs with Intel and ASUS technology in each category.

Apple, Dell, HP step aside TreeHuggers are coming to the drawing board.

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