Green Flat Panels to Dominate Market

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According to a report by DisplaySearch on flat panel displays, 20% of the flat panels sold in 2008 sported some sort of green feature.

This, they think, is a sign of a growing trend towards green displays and that they'll soon be dominant in the marketplace. But it could also be a sign of something very different.

DisplaySearch based the definition of a "green" FPD on the presence of specs such as the usage of eco-friendly materials and having features that reduce power consumption among other criteria listed. The market is reportedly showing an increasing trend favoring green flat panel displays. If the increase in interest on the type continues, green FPD shipment could reach 50 percent by 2011 while the non-green displays could be non-existent come 2014.

Sounds wonderful, except for one thing. Remember how everyone had an "eco-corner" at CES? That's because green is in. Whether folks think the word is useful or not, it's definitely part of shoppers' vocabulary when it comes to their next purchase, especially when that purchase promises to give them a smaller electricity bill.

So when it comes to having a market with "green" displays, it's actually not revolutionary - it's business savvy. Every manufacturer is going this route because they have to. What would make it really revolutionary is major changes in the choices of materials - and not just eliminating toxic chemicals. A really green TV should be made of recycled materials and contain no toxic materials, be minimally packaged in recycled materials, sip energy, have an extensive warranty and take-back program attached to it, come from a factory that uses renewable energy and recycles, be transported by fuel-efficient vehicles.....the list could keep going.

So, what this report really could be a sign of is that not only will "green" dominate the market eventually, but perhaps the idea of green will become more robust. To have an extra edge as The Greenest Flat Panel Display Ever, a manufacturer will have to make a product that goes above and beyond energy efficiency.

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