Gorgeous Time-Lapse of Our Solar System Using NASA Probe Photos

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what technology has to offer for planet Earth that I forget what it brings us from outside this globe. NASA is constantly bringing us amazing images of planets in our solar system and beyond, and they are a rich source of material for artists. Kanaal van Djsanderdj put together a gorgeous time-lapse video of images brought back from the Cassini and Voyager missions. Watch how planets in our solar system move and I'll be shocked if you aren't mesmerized by the end of it.

Actually, when I stop to look back at our archives, some of the most incredible time-lapse videos we've seen are based on the movement of stars and planets. For instance, there's the most amazing video of the Milky Way you'll ever see, or this one of Oregon's night sky, or even this one of the "Land of the Midnight Sun."

And phenomenon from this planet make for stunning views as well, like watching the Aurora lights from space, or views of Earth from the International Space Station.

In other words, thanks to technology, we get to view Earth and other planets in ways we never would be able to without it, and for that, I'm thankful. Here are more of my favorite stills from the video by Kanaal van Djsanderdj:

Gorgeous Time-Lapse of Our Solar System Using NASA Probe Photos
Yay for space technology! Watch and be mesmerized by our solar system's movement captured in black and white images from two NASA missions.

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