Gorgeous OLED Light Unfolds Like a Mobile

Designers Sewon Oh, Yonggu Do and Minseon Kim have come up with a gorgeous concept for a light that utilizes OLED technology.

Yanko Design showed off the design, stating, "Captivating and innovative, the lights seem to have a mind of their own. Seven wings on each side of the spine open and illuminate in a rhythmic dance and can be configured as per whim."

In other words, it's like a mobile for grown-ups, able to twist into new and beautiful shapes by adjusting how far open each set of "wings" is spread.

While we're still years away from seeing OLEDs used for general purpose lighting (we're barely starting to see LEDs play any major role...) it has proven to be technology with which designers love to dream.

Gorgeous OLED Light Unfolds Like a Mobile
The design for "Icarus" is a beautiful concept of what our future lighting could look like.

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