Google Street View Now Covers Grand Canyon Hiking Trails

In a continued effort to map every part of the world (under the ocean included!), Google has taken its cameras into the Grand Canyon and provided the data on the ever-useful Google Maps.

Google's Blog says that the newly released "panoramic imagery" shows off hiking trails and the geological history of this popular canyon. "These beautiful, interactive images cover more than 75 miles of trails and surrounding roads, making our map of this area even more comprehensive, accurate and easy to use than ever before," states the blog.

I definitely would have wanted to be one of the hikers with those space-age-looking backpacks. Well, maybe... they are a rather hefty 40 pounds, which is not surprising considering they include a 15-lens camera system. In fact, the Trekker is a really neat piece of technology that allows Google maps to keep documenting even where there are no roads to drive a Street View car or other vehicle. The Trekker is operated by an Android device (duh) and photos are taken every 2.5 seconds.

Google's use of the Trekker and the maps created with the images are a great way of helping armchair explorers see more of the world. And considering that Google Earth has been such an amazing tool for scientists looking to learn more about the planet, Google Street View may also be a similarly helpful tool now that it can get into places only accessed by hikers.

Google Street View Now Covers Grand Canyon Hiking Trails
If you want to explore your Grand Canyon hike before you set off on the trail, you can now just turn to Google Maps.

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