Google introduces Treks

Google Treks
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Explore the world from your living room (now that's low carbon)

We recently wrote about how the Google Streetview team made its 'Trekker' backpack available to those who could go hike in interesting places with it. Well, it looks like they've started to get some nice footage back, because they've created a website called Google Treks that allows you to visit visit a few places (more to come) like the Canadian Arctic, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Everest, etc. These are not all new, but the way they are packaged is.

I kind of wish they had included their recording of that Fukushima ghost town, though...

Google Treks© Google

Check it out for yourself: Google Treks.

Google introduces Treks
Making beautiful places more accessible to the world with a kind of digital travel agency.

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