Google engineers develop remote control irrigation system with Android and Arduino

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Leverage the power of Android, Arduino, and the internet to build a home irrigation system that can be controlled from your smartphone.

A couple of the engineers at Google, J.J Barrons and Joe Fernandez, have put together a method for controlling a home lawn or garden irrigation system using Android, Arduino, Python, Dart and the Google App Engine, and they've opensourced it, so you can build your own.

In January 2012, Joe Fernandez posted an entry that began "So... I connected my lawn to the internet." and went on to cover the ins and outs of his experiment building what he calls the Irrduino Project, which aimed to add remote control functionality to lawn sprinklers.

"I call this project Irrduino, because at the core of it is an Arduino microcontroller that lets me remotely control the irrigation zones at my house. Irrduino communicates via Ethernet and standard html requests and responses (specifically a REST interface with JSON responses, for you web geeks out there) which means I can control my sprinklers from anywhere on the planet with a web browser and an internet connection, or any smartphone with the same." - Joe's Hacks

The code for creating your own Irrduino is now available at Google Code, and includes IrrduinoController, IrrduinoDroid (the app to control IrrduinoController), IrrduinoServer (a Python Google App Engine application to control IrrduinoController and talk to IrrduinoDroid), and IrrduinoServer/static/dart (a game written in Dart called Lawnville).

Google engineers develop remote control irrigation system with Android and Arduino
You can control your lawn or garden irrigation system, right from your Android smartphone, if you build the Irrduino project.

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